Time For Truth

Time for Truth is a decision forcing game of grey zone operations in Estonia

Rules for the game as presented at Connections UK 2021

Rules for the game as presented at the Baltic Defence College 2021

I designed this wargame for the Wargame Developments Virtual Conference of Wargamers and have since run it at the Connections UK wargaming conference and the Baltic Defence College.


“Time For Truth was a well researched case that engaged the students with topics that they deal with daily.” – Jörg Muth, Ph.D., Professor at Baltic Defence College

“Evan ran the session with clarity and quiet authority to a believable conclusion on time, no mean feat considering some of the lively personalities, myself included, he had cast as the Estonian government. The game was credible, informative and thought-provoking and bears favorable comparison with some of the crisis management exercises in which I was involved in government.” – The Nugget – The Journal of Wargame Developments, No. 340, December 2021.